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Today, in our province there is critical shortage of foster homes. Homes like yours.

Financial Support

Foster parents receive a basic foster care rate on behalf of each child or youth in care that is placed in their home. The basic foster care rate is provided to cover the daily costs of caring for a child or youth, which includes: food, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene items, routine community travel (e.g. travel to a friend’s house or community centre); regular family activities (e.g. movie night), routine babysitting (e.g. foster parent going to a movie), nonprescription medications, school supplies, local field trips, haircuts, birthday parties, and gifts.

The current basic foster care rates are as follows:

Basic Foster Care Rates Effective April 2010
Age Island Labrador *Remote Labrador
Birth - 2 $915.00 $1052.00 $1190.00
2 - 4 $715.00 $822.00 $930.00
5 - 11 $815.00 $937.00 $1060.00
12 and over $915.00 $1052.00 $1190.00

* Remote Labrador includes the communities of Nain, Natuashish, Hopedale, Makkovik, Postville, Rigolet, Norman Bay, Williams Harbour and Black Tickle.

The foster parent is responsible for the management of monies issued on the child or youth’s behalf and for ensuring the day-to-day needs of the child or youth are met. The social worker is responsible for working with the foster parent(s) to ensure the rate provided is sufficient to meet the child or youth’s needs.

There may be other costs associated with the care of a child or youth that are not included in the basic foster care rate. These costs may be assessed for approval on an individual basis. Examples of these costs include respite, tutoring, fee for service counselling, vision and dental care, special equipment (e.g. medical equipment), and child care expenses when a foster parent is working or attending training/meetings related to the child or youth in care.

Children’s Special Allowance:

The Children's Special Allowance is provided by the Canada Revenue Agency on behalf of all children or youth who are in care. When a child or youth is in care, the social worker makes an application for this allowance and the money received goes towards the cost of caring for the child or youth. The special allowance of $85.00 is paid directly to foster parents in addition to the basic foster care rate.

Level Fee:

Effective January 2013, a level fee was introduced for foster parents who have completed PRIDE Preservice sessions. The level fee is an additional $600.00 per month for level 2 foster parents. This is in addition to the other allowances identified here.


Block Funding:

Foster parents receive a lump sum block funding payment each month, which includes money to cover the costs of local transportation, social and recreational costs for the child or youth in care, and the cost of one weekend of respite per month. This block funding allows foster parents to budget for these expenses and receive money up front rather than having to seek approval and reimbursement for each expense.

Placement Allowance:

Foster Parents are provided with a placement allowance in the amount of $200.00 when a child or youth is placed in their home. This is to assist in obtaining items a child or youth may need upon placement (e.g. school items, special foods, personal items). It does not include monies for clothing as this will be assessed as part of the clothing allowance.

Placement Clothing Allowance:

When a child or youth is placed with a foster parent, the child or youth’s clothing needs are assessed to ensure they have adequate and appropriate clothes in accordance with their age and the season of the year. Where required, a placement clothing allowance may be provided to purchase needed clothes for the child or youth. The basic foster care rate includes money to meet the child or youth’s ongoing clothing needs.

Christmas Allowance:

A Christmas Allowance is provided for children and youth in care and is issued annually during the month of November. This allowance is paid according to age, as follows:

Age Amount
Birth – 4 years $200.00
5-11 years $300.00
12 years + $400.00


Respite is a service designed to provide temporary relief and reduce stress levels for foster parents who are providing care for a child or youth with complex needs. Respite is assessed individually for each foster parent. As part of the block funding that came effect in January 2013 foster parents will receive funding for one weekend of respite per month.

Child Care:

The cost of child care may be provided on behalf a child in care when the foster parent is employed outside of the home or must be away from the home due to matters related to the child or youth in care (e.g. case conferences, school meetings, training, etc).

High School Graduation Allowance:

A one-time high school graduation allowance of up to $750 is provided to a youth in care when they are graduating from highschool to cover the graduation costs such as graduation tickets, clothing, graduation ring, yearbook, etc.

Health Services:

Children and youth in care are entitled to complete medical, dental and vision care.

Prescription Drugs:

Children and youth in care are eligible to receive coverage for prescription drugs through the Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Program. The foster parent is responsible for the purchase of over-the-counter drugs and medication not covered by the drug card. Funding is included in the basic rate to assist with these costs.

Other Child-specific Costs:

In addition to the financial support identified in this section, a social worker will work with the foster parent to assess other service needs of children and youth(e.g. counselling and tutoring). Further Information on policies and procedures related to the foster care program can be found in the Protection and In Care Policy and Procedures Manual.

I consider fostering to be one of the greatest privileges that I have had.

Foster Parent

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